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ProfitUI Reborn
(These are the installation instructions for ProfitUI Reborn. Check the FAQ for installation instructions for the Updater or other mods)

Downloading and extracting the files
Please download the interface from here and extract the .zip-file into your \Everquest II directory, overwriting existing files. Make sure the folder structure from the zip is extracted correctly (you should end up with a Everquest II\UI\ProfitUI folder), apparently Windows XP includes an unzip program that sometimes has trouble with that.

Alternatively you can download the auto updating version of ProfitUI which will take care of the installation for you (see additional updater installation instructions).
Test server and multi-region players
If you play in multiple regions you will need to install into the regional folder inside of the Everquest II folder as well. These regional folders are usually either called something like LP_REGION_EN_US, or TestServer if you play on Test.
Additional mandatory one-time only download
The first time you install ProfitUI, you will also need to download this file for the background images of the persona window, otherwise you will see a white box.
Setting up the default window placements
Default UI settings files are included for a number of resolutions. Unless you are upgrading from a previous version of ProfitUI Reborn, first delete your {server}.{toon}_eq2_uisettings.ini and {server}.{toon}_eq2_uisettings.xml files before starting the game. The game will prompt you to select an existing UI settings file. You can also manually load the default settings my typing /load_uisettings. Choose one that fits your resolution best, e.g. "1280x1024 - ProfitUI".

If there is no default file for your resolution, you should also delete your uisettings file and then you have the option or either selecting a default layout that comes close to your resolution or not select any predefined layout at all by selcting cancel on the popup window. The interface is set up to place most windows in their correct positions, anyway. You will likely only need to do some resizing of the bars. Hit F10 to make most hidden windows visible as black boxes so you can see and resize them. You may need to right click them, select windowsettings, unlock them and make sure clickthrough is not enabled to allow moving and resizing. Once you are finished, hit F10 again twice to get back to normal display mode.

If however you want to keep your current uisettings (from another UI), please take note that you will need to manually set up each window (and in particular the window settings reached by right clicking). Non-functioning windows are likely due to a misconfiguration (e.g. not being able to type in chat). Keeping your uisettings from another UI can also lead to issues of important windows not being visible or other problems and is not recommended.
Screen widths smaller than 1280 pixels
If your screen width is smaller than 1280 pixels, best use the optional smaller version of the bottom bar by extracting _ProfitUI_BottomBar (1024).zip in your ProfitUI folder.

If you use the auto-updater, just select the appropriate variant from the Variants menu.
Turn off the widescreen letterbox!
Important: If you use the widescreen letterbox you must disable the option "hide window frames in letterbox area" or parts of the UI will be hidden. You can find this option under Options (press Alt+O) -> User Interface -> Game Windows
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