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ProfitUI Updater
First time users
These instructions are mainly for the updater. If you are a first time user of ProfitUI Reborn, please make sure to also read the installation instructions for ProfitUI Reborn itself. They can be found here. Everything said in there still applies except where it talks about downloading files, which the updater does for you.

If you have Java installed, you can just click here to install the ProfitUI Reborn Updater (or click the respective file in the archive you may have downloaded from this site). Your browser will download the file profitui.jnlp and should give you the option to open it with Java WebStart, which you must do. If your system does not recognize the file type, you need to download and install the lastest version of the Java runtime first and then click the link above again.

After launching a security message will pop up. The updater is not allowed to write to your hard disk without your permission.

The files are digitally signed, which will also prevent the injection of malicious code even if the server gets hacked. If you leave the box checked, it will not ask you again until the certificate expires.

If you want to check the signature of the certificate for security reasons, its SHA1 fingerprint is 29:16:C0:81:95:D1:A6:2E:9A:95:09:87:1F:97:FA:F4:61:E5:DD:28.

Java will now download the application, if necessary, and then launch it. It will create a shortcut in your startmenu and on your desktop automatically. You do not need to visit the website every time you want to launch it, you can just use the shortcuts. Further updates to the updater are fully automatic, since it automatically checks itself every time it is launched. It will also update your Java runtime environment where necessary (unless you use Windows Vista).

Note that local installation will fail if you have disabled the option in Java to store tempoary Internet files for some reason. To change this go to Control Panel -> Java, click on "Properties" at the bottom under Temporary Internet Files and make sure the checkbox in the top left corner is set.

Firewall Setup
The updater (actually Java) needs to be able to access the following URL: http://updater.pala.de, make sure you do not block this connection at your firewall.

When the program first starts up, it asks you to select your Everquest 2 installation folder, which you find by default in C:\Program Files\Sony\Everquest II. If you play on the test server or use a multi-language installation you will need to select the appropriate sub-folder, e.g. \Test Server (for the Test server there is also now a Testserver checkbox, but just ignore that...).

Excluding files from being updated
Press ok. The updater will now connect to the update server and pull down the file list. Just right click any file you do not want to download to preserve your settings, e.g. the _ProfitUI_LoginData.txt file. See also this FAQ entry.

Once that is done, just click update now and the updater will download all files needed for ProfitUI and set it up for you. No additional downloads are needed.

Handling alternate window versions
For those windows that have alternate versions, you can choose which variant you want to install by clicking on the "Variants" button in the config menu. The updater will take care of the rest automatically and keep this variant updated for you.

To uninstall, just uninstall it like any other application via the Windows Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

We noticed that Windows uninstallation sometimes fails. To remove it for sure, you can also go another way. Go Start -> Run and type javaws -viewer.

If you like the auto-updating version of the UI, don't forget to click this button: .
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