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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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PoM Map files
Forum: Help!?!?!nobody99
06-15-2018 05:48 AM
by Darqwood
DrumsUI - Blackhood's Updates For Updater
Forum: DrumsUIBlackhood
06-11-2018 11:01 PM
by Blackhood
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday June 12, 2018
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
06-11-2018 07:20 PM
by Offical Forums
Gu 106
Forum: DrumsUIRumTumTugger
06-11-2018 03:00 AM
by Jim737
UI Update for Shards of Hate?
Forum: ProfitUIkchcih
06-09-2018 09:35 PM
by primamezzo
ProfitUI Community Edition
Forum: ProfitUITalTal
06-06-2018 10:37 AM
by Darqwood
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday June 12, 2018
Jun 11, 2018 - 7:20 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Fixed an issue where reforging could appear to remove overcap stats from an item.

Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic]
  • Ulvaug the Bloodfang can now be killed.
  • The Organ Donor's stacking damage buff, "Encore of Death," will no longer save its increments from a previous cast.
Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
  • Kpul D'Vngur's curses should no longer be placed on players who already have one of the three curses placed on them
Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]
  • Damage from Surge: Arcing Sparks has been lowered
  • Levers in the Manaetic Behemoth's surrounding rooms will now reset properly when the encounter resets
  • Added damage from Overcharged Pulse hitting an ally in the Karnah of the Source encounter has been lowered to where the amount of the increase is lower.
Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection [Raid]
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the Amalgamation of Decay and Pestilence to not properly update their location in relation to their allowable area.
The Shimmering Citadel
  • The Shimmering Mirror within The Shimmering Citadel no longer displays versions of The Poets Palace that do not actually exist.
  • Updated Veeshan's Peak doors to track unlocking as persistent zone.
  • For mercenaries that can use appearance slots, clicking on an appearance slot will now access the character's Wardrobe items.
  • Updated Rise of Kunark set armor.
  • Impetuous Strikes armor has been returned to scout only.
  • Sepulchral Judgment armor has been returned to warlock only.
  • "a shiny djinn lamp", "a sand blasted djinn lamp", "a tarnished djinn lamp", and "an ornate vase" can now be purchased off of Lumia in Maj'Dul for those that have completed the collections "Shiny Lamp", "Sand Blasted Lamp", "Tarnished Lamp", and "Desert Sand Collection".
  • Aim is now part of the Offensive Skills group
  • Earring of the Solstice has now been itemized as a Signature/Epic item
  • Several red collections that were not viewable on Timelocked until the Veksar era release have been updated to be viewable at Rise of Kunark era.

Planes of Prophecy
  • The Doctor's Orders quest should now be granted to you within your current PQ zone if it has been more than 2 hours since you completed a previous Doctor's Orders quest from a different PQ.

0 Replies | 132 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday June 6, 2018
Jun 05, 2018 - 6:40 PM - by Offical Forums

Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic]
  • Estir the Spiteful can now be hailed to initiate combat.
Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
  • Sharp Stitching Knives should no longer get interrupted when trying to collect them. For realz this time!
  • Corrected an issue where "Curse of Ire" would not properly apply to some players, immediately triggering the failure effect.

0 Replies | 189 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday June 5, 2018
Jun 04, 2018 - 7:20 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Removed an overzealous membership popup that was displaying every few minutes.
  • Harvest Bag: Added 'Suppress Messages' checkbox that will suppress chat messages when items are placed in the Harvest Bag ( located in the Harvest Bag’s “bag options” ).
Plane of Disease: Virulent Incursion [Raid]
  • Skal'sli the Wretched should no longer attempt to cast curses on dead players.
  • Wretched piles of goo should no longer cast the ability "Armor Buster"
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Heroic/Expert]
  • Elif Whitewind should be more descriptive about where he is placing the ability "Wail"
Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic & Solo]
  • Estir the Spiteful must now be hailed before she can be attacked.
  • The Damned's stoneskin buff, Damnation, now properly updates based on increments.
  • The number of skeleton adds in the The Damnation encounter in [Solo] caps at 40.
  • Clearing The Trapped Bellhop's discarded clothing should now be quicker.
  • Vampires bats within The Heart of Hate will no longer launch the dead into the air.
Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
  • The Lord of Ire should more reliably inform targets of Curse of Ire that a curse has been placed on them
  • Lowered the recurring power drains from base encounters in the zone. They will still drain power but it will start off low and increase if not cured.
  • When Lord of Loathing is slain the barriers involved with his encounter should now properly despawn.
Sebilis (TLE only)
  • Corrected an issue that made Venril Sathir's Door not display the entrance requirements if not met.
  • Increased the equip level of The Shadow Odyssey collection rewards to level 81 to make them unequippable on Fallen Gate.
  • Hunter's Guard may only be used by Warriors and Crusaders and triggers Flay the Beast
  • Shaper's Accomplice may only be used by Channelers.
  • Hunter's Scale Shield may only be used by Mages and Priests and triggers Flay the Beast.
  • Bow of Rapid Trepidation is no longer itemized as a two handed weapon.
  • Updated adornment slots on heroic character gear from purple to orange.
  • Updated adornment slots on level 101+ heritage gear from purple to orange.
  • Added black adornment slots to several expert pieces that were missing them.
  • Rise of Kunark item sets have been upgraded to match current stat progression.
  • Eternal Enchantment rings are now spelled correctly.
  • Deepening Barrier now rewards shoulder armor of the same name.
  • Shipwrecked! - Completion of the quest no longer removes "Message in a Bottle" from the player's character inventory.
  • *Shady Swashbuckler now offers "Message in a Bottle" to those currently working on or have already completed the quest "Shipwrecked!"
  • *Shady Swashbuckler now offers "Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring" to those who have completed the quest "Light of the Destroyer"
  • Shape the Future - Alishinu and hunting stelecats are now only visible when they will update the quest.

0 Replies | 228 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Thursday May 31, 2018
May 30, 2018 - 5:40 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling crafting would boot you to character select.
  • Prospective fix for Mouselook causing the camera to spin wildly out of control.

Rise of Kunark
  • The Tangrin has been increased in difficulty.
  • Trakanon has been increased in difficulty.
The following zones should now pull all members of the raid in when one person attempts to enter as long as all criteria to enter are met:
  • Tairiza the Widow Mistress
  • Veeshan's Peak
  • Chamber of Destiny
  • Venril Sathir
  • Selrach Di'Zok
Planes of Prophecy Raids
  • All raid bosses who drop armor patterns will now do so 100% of the time. Other items that were shared with the armor patterns will now be an additional drop at 50% chance.
Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Expert]
  • Increased the amount of time before the warning areas in the Manaetic Behemoth encounter detects players in range. It should now match the reaction time as the non-expert version of the zone.
Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
  • The effigy of Innoruuk has shown himself within the plane to give slight hints as to what puzzles may be available. He is the god of hate, after all... As such, his hints may be vague!
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the Hand of Maestro to think a player hasn't moved when they have.
  • Added a visual representation to show if players have moved or not when it is checked.
  • Collecting the Sharp Stitching Knife during the Lord of Ire encounter should no longer be able to be interrupted.
  • It should no longer be possible to have multiple bosses up at the same time within the zone.
  • The Deathrot Knight should no longer spawn more than 1 squire at a time. He will still heal if the add is not promptly dealt with.
  • Lord of Decay has had the damage from "Surge: Burning Bones" reduced slightly.
  • Ashenbone Broodmaster has had their max health points reduced.
  • Ashenbone Drakes should no longer respawn during boss encounters.
  • Lord of Loathing remnant adds should no longer so easily kill players who had just been challenged.
  • Jail Bars in the Demetrius Crane encounter should now have slightly more hit points.
  • Dreadlord D'Somni should once again use his "berserk" mechanic when he drops hate on his targets.
  • The exit door should now allow you to leave the zone regardless of what bosses have been slain.
  • Corrected an issue that caused players to not end up in the correct instance.

Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic]
  • The range at which Igidishi's animal totems can be uncovered has been slightly increased.
  • Books that appear after defeating one of the Surrogates can now be used.
Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Solo]
  • It is now possible to spawn the Gruesome Twosome and the Cantankerous Triumvirate. But how to spawn them is still a mystery!... maybe...
  • Estir's lords and ladies of spite are now immune to indirect AOEs and have increased AE Auto Attack Avoid Chance.

Solusek Ro's Tower: From the Ashes [Tradeskill]
  • All shinies are now accessible.
Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill]
  • Tradeskill collectibles now appear in Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill].
Coliseum of Valor
  • Scorn Spectre Emissary is now available in Coliseum of Valor to hatefully sell you hateful armor from Hate.

  • The Rise of Kunark expansion has been unlocked on the Fallen Gate server.
  • Hunter K'Andal, located in the Danak Shipyard, now offers a daily bounty hunting mission, which will reward Kunark Hunters Coin, which may be used to purchase powerful rewards.

  • Corrected the primary cure effect on Necrotic Reconstruction to once again target the pet.
  • Corrected an issue with Ward of the Untamed that prevented it's effect from working.
  • Reaver will once again have an effect if Focus: Reaver is selected in Character Training.
  • Several percentage based heals have been fixed so that they will no longer benefit from potency.

  • Khalee'Sri Crystal - Can now be scaled larger than before.
  • The Plane Touched Spiritstone now grants agility.
  • Amarat the Procurer will no longer require you to exchange your Liquified Raw Magic, Wing of Fenin, or Enchanted Calcite Wristband to purchase their upgraded versions.
  • Restored the correct appearance to the Draped Cape of Hate.
  • Grim Legacy of Ill Will and the Scorned Scion of Ill Will will now increase effects when leveling to Planar Level 1.
  • Rise of Kunark gear has been rebalanced for itemization progression. Items dropped by multiple encounters have been balanced based off of the lowest encounter to preserve progression.

  • Planar Recipes will now update their achievements when crafted in an expert zone.

  • Fixit Omegatock's demise will now update The Planes of Prophecy Event Heroic weekly mission in Plane of Innovation: Parts not Included [Expert Event]. You may need to restart the mission if it was active in your journal prior to this fix, or you can update it in Plane of Innovation: Parts not Included [Event Heroic]. (You will need to complete one of the other two parts in an [Expert Event] zone to earn Expert rewards, however.)
  • Hate is in the Air [Solo] will no longer grant Sandstorm Pearls.

0 Replies | 381 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Thursday May 24, 2018 "Seeds of Vengeance"
May 23, 2018 - 7:11 PM - by Offical Forums
This game update is packed full of new content, including a return to the Shard of Hate where solo players, groups, and raiders will all be confronted with new bosses, puzzles, and locations within the plane that have never been seen before! There will also be new expert dungeons, a revamped item examine window, new missions, and more!

  • Fixed more issues related to Aerakyn and kilt tints.
  • Deity Attributes will now be shared account wide. After logging into a character, that characters current level of Deity Attributes will be written to an account flag. When logging into another character on the account, the level of the account flag will be compared to the characters Deity Attribute, and either update the account flag if the characters attribute is higher, or update the characters attribute if the recorded account flag is higher.

Summer is here! Well, almost, but Ethereals are here! Upon completing Planes of Prophecy heroic missions you will also be granted an Ethereal reward roll. Each character may receive a single Ethereal reward roll when completing missions in most normal [Heroic] and [Event Heroic] zones, and up to 3 reward rolls when completing missions in [Expert], [Expert Event], and the Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic] zone. Each reward roll will grant at least one Planar Ethereal Coin, and a chance at a bonus reward, which can be one of the Ethereal items for that Ethereal wave, or bonus Planar Ethereal Coins.

Planar Ethereal Coins may be spent at the Ethereal Merchant located in Plane of Magic.

Wave 1: May 24 - July 9
Wave 2: July 9 - August 20
Wave 3: August 20 - September 30

Reward rolls granted via expert zones may also be earned from solo missions. This is not an extra roll, as you are still capped at a total of 3 rolls per expert or solo mission.

The following Achievement lines have been expanded:
  • Slayer
  • Mounts
  • Collections
  • Missions
  • Quests
  • Signature Quests

The examine window and mouseover descriptions for house items now state where in a house the item may be placed (i.e. floor, wall, ceiling) in addition to the house type they may be placed in.
The Item Examine and mouseover windows have been updated and streamlined. Stats that are always granted together on items, such as Primary Attributes, will now be grouped together. If an item possessed was any single one of these stats previously, it will now grant you all of the stats in that item group. Mousing over the item group to see what stats are included in that group.

Base attributes are no longer shown on items by default, and instead can be viewed by clicking the Base checkbox located under the item icon.

Current item groups are:
  • Primary Attributes: Agility, Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom
  • Resistances: Arcane, Elemental, Noxious
  • Defensive Skills: Defense, Deflection, Parry, Aggression
  • Offensive Skills: Crushing, Piercing, Slashing, Ranged
  • Spell Skills: Ordination, Ministration, Subjugation, Disruption, Focus
  • Crafting Skills: Artificing, Artistry, Chemistry, Fletching, Scribing, Sculpting, Metalshaping, Metalworking, Tailoring
  • Harvesting Skills: Foresting, Fishing, Gathering, Trapping, Mining
Full details of the Examine revamp may be found here: https://www.everquest2.com/news/eq2-...amine-may-2018

  • All NPCs in Planes of Prophecy [Duo] dungeons have had their damage reduction lowered.
  • Noble Taig Rhul, the Loyalty Realtor, is now selling a "Valorian Bloom".
Plane of Magic
  • Travel throughout Plane of Magic is no longer restricted to discovering the teleporters.
  • Two new teleporters have been added to Plane of Magic - one between Aetherscar and Metetherial Plains, and another at Amphitheater of Song.
Plane of Disease: The Source [All Versions]
  • The number of festrus encounters required to spawn Blighthorn has been reduced by half.
  • Rancine now spawns after Blighthorn is defeated.
Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [All Versions]
  • The sun rays within The Solar Core should now reappear after defeating The Avatar of the Sun.
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Solo]
  • Gatekeeper Karatil has had his outgoing damage reduced
  • Gatekeeper Karatil should no longer cast his abilities quite as often and he should give more time to react to any abilities he does use. This only applies to the solo version of the encounter.
The Fabled Nizara, City of the Nayad [Advanced Solo]
  • The Lockout has been reduced to 90 minutes.
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Heroic]
  • Gatekeeper Karatil has had his outgoing damage reduced
The Fabled Nizara, City of the Nayad [Heroic]
  • The Lockout has been reduced to 90 minutes.
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]
  • Updated the curse description text in the Jolur Sandstorm and Oljin Stormtide encounter to more accurately describe the effect.
Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]
  • The Manaetic Behemoth has had its difficulty slightly lowered.
  • Clockwork Cleaners in the Gearbox encounter should no longer be able to kill players after they have been defeated.
Plane of Disease: Virulent Incursion [Raid]
  • Raids attempting to reset the Amalgams near Bertox can now use the emote "/beckon" instead of "/assistme" to reset their location.
  • The gate leading to Bertoxxulous' chamber should now open if the encounter resets at ANY time during the encounter or the encounter is defeated.

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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 15, 2018
05-14-2018 06:51 PM
05-14-2018 06:51 PM
by Offical Forums
0 758
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 8, 2018
05-08-2018 09:11 AM
05-08-2018 09:11 AM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 1, 2018
05-01-2018 02:31 AM
05-01-2018 02:31 AM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday April 24, 2018
04-23-2018 07:40 PM
04-23-2018 07:40 PM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday April 17, 2018
04-16-2018 07:40 PM
04-16-2018 07:40 PM
by Offical Forums
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