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Unread 05-09-2016, 09:11 PM
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Default DrumsUI - Blackhood's Updates

Kunark Updates for DrumsUI

Last release by Drumstix42
Download DrumsUI Updater (Not sure if this is still up) DRUMSUpdater
Download DrumsUI Manual install - DRUMSUIManual

To install my updates done to DRUMSUI
1) You must have DrumsUI
2) Unzip to your <UI> folder overwriting all files. Folders/Files in zip are setup to replace the updated files in your DRUMSUI folder. DO NOT unzip in your DRUMSUI folder, you will have another folder called DRUMSUI with these updates in them.

My Kunark Ascending Updates:

-Added Wardrobe Page (Thanks to Darqwood for helping me with this)
-Added Merc Armor Page to Merc Page.
-Added Ascension Level/Class to Paperdoll on Hover over.
-Changed "Character" to now show your Characters name.

-Added Ascension Page

Experience Bar
-Added Ascension Bar
-Fixed tithe bar

DrumsUI Settings
-Replaced Show Autoattack button with Show Enemies List (See Pic). This toggles the new Enemies List Window. There already is a checkbox for autoattack, so didn't need that button as it did the same thing.

Alternative Colors have been updated to show the new graphics (vials, Wardrobe collapse triangle) **Had to break these up into groups because of file size limitations here**

Changes done since beta:

11/15/2016 Updates:
Persona - Added the Aerakyn wing selector. (Guess no one was Aerakyn with DrumsUI, this was missing!)
Statbar - Fixed some stats that were overlapping/cutoff
StatBar Options Window - Fixed truncated names like "Bytespersecond"
Experience Bar (Tithe) - Fixed Tooltip for "Unspent Deity Points" (That's the little number on the tithe bar at the right)

11/15/2016(A) Updates:
Persona - Mercenaries - Somehow I deleted the train merc button. This is fixed.

11/15/2016(B) Updates:
Persona - Fixed some other things that I messed up. Sorry about these last 2 updates today.

12/07/2016 Updates:
Persona - Wardrobe - Fixed the "Purchase Slots" button(s).
Persona - Mercenaries - Took the merc paperdoll out of the darkness, so you can now see the poor thing. Fixed the dead space at the end of the Merc stats area.

12/22/2016 Updates:
Can I just say I hate what DBG did to the HP/Power Stats.
Persona - Added the unnecessary "Max" stat to Stats Page.
StatBar - Fixed HP/PP Stats. (I hope) Just terrible what DBG did.

01/13/2017 Updates:
Persona - Added AbilityDoubleCast
StatBar - Added AbilityDoubleCast

01/13/2017(A) Updates:
StatBar - Fixed AbilityDoubleCast not saving after /camp or logout/login

02/10/2017 Updates:
Quest Journal - Added the new filter to the "Mission Timers" tab.

02/17/2017 Updates:
Stats - Stat SWDB (Spell Weapon Damage Bonus) was consolidated into WDB (Weapon Damage Bonus). So, I removed the now dead SWDB from Persona and the Stat Bar.

*Sorry this is late as DB updated this on Jan 30. I kept forgetting to do this.*

Attached Files
File Type: zip DrumsUI_Alternative_Colors_Black.zip (1.61 MB, 62 views)
File Type: zip DrumsUI_Alternative_Colors_Pink.zip (2.42 MB, 39 views)
File Type: zip DrumsUI_Alternative_Colors_Purple.zip (2.10 MB, 47 views)
File Type: zip DrumsUI_Kunark_2017_02_17.zip (296.4 KB, 188 views)
File Type: zip DrumsUI_Alternative_Colors_Blue.zip (2.13 MB, 53 views)

Last edited by Blackhood : 02-18-2017 at 01:25 AM.
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