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Unread 09-08-2014, 08:41 PM
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Default Maintained and Effects (DefilerMonitor)

I've used Khem's "Defiler Monitor" for as long as I can remember which was originally based on Dragowulf's "SpellTimer Window". I used it primarily for my Defiler, but I also used it for my Ranger later on so that I could see "Detect Weakness", and recently, I've been using it on my Dirge for the four encounter buff/debuffs. This way, I don't have to keep my Maintained window visible, which becomes cluttered and unreadable in combat.

I think DrumsUI already has the Defiler Monitor integrated, by the way.

I've recently leveled up a Warlock, which has stacks of "Toxic Aura"; an ability gained from AA's. Toxic Aura shows up on Defiler Monitor, but without the stacks.

I tried to look through the Defiler Monitor and the Maintained window to see if I could spot the difference between the two, and from what little I could tell the Defiler Monitor did not have "StackCount" integrated, so I tried to integrate it myself, but with no luck.

This is what I added.

<Text AbsorbsInput="false" Font="/TextStyles.Large.LargeStyle" Location="29,8" Name="Amount" Opacity="0.900" ScrollExtent="45,25" ShadowStyle="/ShadowStyles.BlackOutlineNoShadow.Outline1" Size="45,25" TextAlignment="Left" TextColor="#D5D5D5" />

<Text AbsorbsInput="false" Font="/TextStyles.Large.LargeStyle" Location="29,8" Name="StackCount" OnTextChanged="sCond=(Text &gt; 0)
Visible=sCond" Visible="false" Opacity="0.900" ScrollExtent="45,25" ShadowStyle="/ShadowStyles.BlackOutlineNoShadow.Outline1" Size="45,25" TextAlignment="Left" TextColor="#D5D5D5" />
I tried to remove "OnTextChanged" and "Visible", but with no luck. I most definitely have no idea what I'm doing.


Added this as well, with no luck.

I was wondering if anyone with a bit more knowledge than me could patch the Defiler Monitor, or guide me so that I can patch it.

I was also wondering if a similar monitor can be made of the Effects window, just like the Defiler Monitor is made of the Maintained window. That way, I only have to see the buffs that I need to see, like the Experience potion, Agility potion, AoE blockers, and Hate Gain buffs (for when I play on my SK), etc.


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