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Hello fourm - this is my first post, maybe the only.

Anyway my EQ2 went on the fritz almost a year ago... Critical out of memmory yadda yadda. Thing is I never could find a solution, high GFX insta killed the game, and even low GFX would kill it if played too long. Not to mention the fourms had around 200 pages of errors and no solution. (Sonys for the most part) Point is after the hack attack I was like "Free game!?" sure enough I had 45 days of broken EQ2, DRAT.

Now that I think about it, the story is kindda long... To the point, I just rolled my Video card's driver back to like a year and a half ago. Not that I went and downloaded a random driver all willy-nilly like, nope! Go to Station.com and find the support button, from there go to the "Video Driver Update" button and find your GFX card on the list - I hope it's on it, I really do. Now the driver WILL be out of date, and your computer will fight you the whole way through the set up, Just go with it, if I'm right it will pay off.

For the record my card is a NVIDIA 9XXX as listed on the, er... well, list! It fights me, reinstalls itself, restarts my computer, starts in like 800x600 res, says it found a better driver (My old one maybe?) restarts my computer once more, and now the screen res is huge! (Pushed to maxed out on the display bar and all hard to read.) So after I set it to a res I can see, I load everquest 2 with GFX on max, Load into my packed Guildhall and nothing! The game stays on!!

So that's that, hope I posted this in the right spot, and more so than that I really hope that the memory errors are not like little snow flakes, that is to say all unique... That would make this whole post in vain, eh?

Oh yeah, I'm a dummy when it comes to wrighting! If this works out, feel free to re-wright it and post it in other places. Heck take credit if you want, I just want the problem to be solved. And, uh... I have no idea why that works, and no real idea how it broke in the first place.
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