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Unread 05-11-2005, 10:21 AM
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I too would like the UID to not display in-game. They greatly increase the size of the tooltip and in the case of clusters, it gets really obtrusive. Since I have to go to the web site to make comments on a POI, finding the UID is a trivial problem since, I presume, the map on the web site would still show the UID with each POI.

The POI database appears to be following the Wikipedia model where anyone can add a POI and it gets pushed live immediately and without review. Yet we can't edit or delete POIs. There are many POIs with incorrect information, misspelling, duplicate of another POI just 2 feet away, etc.

The web dialog that is used to enter a new POI asks to enter a "detailed description". This gets added to the tooltip and there are some pretty large descriptions (paragraphs) showing up on some tooltips. I would suggest rewording that dialog so it says "Enter a very brief description ONLY if absolutely necessary for this point of interest."
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