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Dolby 11-13-2012 01:13 PM

Chains of Eternity is here!
The next expansion for EverQuest II is here! Chains of Eternity / GU65 brings many changes to the world of Norrath:
  • New zones: Obol Plains, The Eidolon Jungle and 9 New Instanced Dungeons
  • New Quest Lines
  • Prestige Abilities
  • Prestige Tradeskills
  • Spirit Stones
  • All level caps raised to 95
  • AA Boost to 280

Along with these new changes also brings changes to the default user interface. I have posted a compare of these changes for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to check out eq2.zam.com for information on the latest quests and items for Chains of Eternity!

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