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Dolby 09-18-2012 04:16 PM

EverQuest II Sleepers Tomb Update
Today SOE has released an update to EverQuest II with only a small change to the default map for the new raid zones. You can see the compare here. I also posted the missed compare to the merch window last week, thanks to Drumstix42 for posting the old file.


Originally Posted by SOE
Sleeper’s Tomb, Chapter 1 Begins!

Norrathian’s will find Jorlak, an aged Dracurion chronomage, outside of the Sleeper’s Tomb in Velious’ Eastern Wastes. He will launch a quest that gives adventurers access to world-changing events in Norrath’s history, including the rituals of the heralded warders who kept the great prismatic dragon, Kerafyrm, asleep for many ages.

Start Your Chains of Eternity Adventure!

Level 92 players should be on the lookout for a message from Erus Dal’viv, the Swordbearer. He has a mission for adventurers that will help the Duality’s research into the Age’s End Prophecy… a mission that could take an unexpected turn.

UI Compare
Update Notes

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