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Cairenn 11-18-2011 05:10 PM

ZAM Network announces the release of Torhead
Satiate all your Star Wars: The Old Republic information needs at ZAM Network's newly announced Torhead!

With the Star Wars: The Old Republic NDA dropped last Friday, ZAM Network is proud to announce... Torhead! The people who provide you with all of your World of Warcraft information needs in Wowhead will now also be your number one provider of Star Wars: The Old Republic information in Torhead.

Torhead is currently up-to-date with missions, NPCs, items, abilities, areas, and (of course) features a full skill builder calculator for all your character building needs. We're also planning to update our missions and areas in the coming week, with a full crafting database also on the way. So head on over to Torhead to get planning for next week's Closed Beta Test!

Head on over to Torhead and get your SW:TOR info on!

Drumstix42 11-20-2011 12:32 AM

Nice work ZAM team. Though it is sad when EQ2 news is few and far between anymore on EQ2interface :(

Dolby 11-20-2011 10:30 PM

EQ2 has really slowed down on patches... used to have a couple a month. Now your lucky to get one once every 4 months. Most news on EverQuest2.com is of all the station cash items they release.

Another sad thing is the lack of features/content in AoD. It will be the first ever expansion I don't pre-order and take days off work to play. I raid full time on Oasis and none of our guild members are going to be buying the expansion. We will still play EQ2 though since most other mmo's still dont stack up.

I hope the F2P will bring more people to EQ2 and in turn bring more people to the great interfaces you guys post here.

lordebon 11-21-2011 07:46 PM

Yeah, AoD is incredably underwhelming. The feature list alone reads more like what an old game update used to be, and even when you get into it it's less than you'd want. They should have made it more along the lines of $20 / $40-CE than sticking with the old price scheme considering how little you're getting. Or just piece-meal it out.

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